Br'er Rabbit*

Generally, when I do a figure, I sketch him in my sketch book, trace over him/her with tracing paper, use the tracing paper as a pattern, and then cut out the figure on my lutradur (or whatever substrate it is that I'm using).

But that's a fairly laborious process, and this was just a little rabbit, so I decided to draw him directly on the lutradur this time. It meant that I had to draw him twice (I screwed up the first one), but it was still much faster this way.

And then it was time to paint. First I picked my paint palette...

...a little coppery gold, fuschia, white, beige, some others - all mixed with darkest coffee brown and chocolate brown to make a little bunny rabbit. 

And now, time for a lot of french knots and some beads...

See you on Wednesday with the big finish!

Kit 120

*Although this piece has nothing to do with Br'er Rabbit (if you're not familiar with him, there's a wiki about him HERE), nearly every time I see a hare, I think of Br'er Rabbit. :)

Kit Lang


  1. He looks very free and spontaneous.

  2. Love the rabbit and can't wait til the reveal. I'm lovin' the knots and beads too. See, I told you you were brilliant!!

  3. cute! and i love getting a glimpse of your process.

    as a southerner, i'm always impressed when other folks name-check the Br'er characters. xoxo

  4. I admire your ability to draw that sort of thing free-hand!


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