First of the sketches

working title "Briar Rose".

Because it's a "Little Kit" piece, Emmy Elephant has to put in a re-appearance as well, too, right?

I wanted her head in this specific position because Little Kit* is going to tuck in there in that empty space.

Clearly, I've changed Emmy's eye shape rather drastically, ...

... but have you ever noticed how small and beady elephant's eyes are? Not very friendly looking!

I also want Emmy's eyes to be quite innocent looking  (after all, both she and Little Kit are just babies).

This piece is intended for the Quilt, Knit, Stitch! show (hence it's name, "Briar Rose" - yes, there will be Roses!) but if I don't finish it in time, I'll be just as happy to enter it another show.

And because it's almost a full month into 2014 and I have not yet posted an injury - I'm sure you must be wondering what's happening. I mean, how could that be? No machine stitched fingers? No burns? No bumps or owwies from trip and falls or walking into various stationary objects while gazing at birds in the sky? Never fear! I am here to fulfill your expectations. :D

I woke up with this bobo yesterday morning.

You'll never guess what it's from. Clutching my embroidery hoop too tightly!

I can't help it, actually - the neuropathy in my hands is such that the hoop feels quite loose in my hand if I'm holding it in what's probably a "normal"fashion, so I squeeze it tight in my paw to make sure it doesn't escape.  Alas - apparently a death grip. lol

Thankfully, Monika Kinner Whalen told me about a stand she got for her embroidery hoop, and I'm going to pick one up this weekend. Thanks Monika!

As for the rest of you - see on Friday with my links post. I hope you're enjoying it!

Kit 120

BTW, am I sorry that Hiraeth's little girl was "Little Kit"?  Yes I am! I mean I know Hiraeth was a self-portrait, but I fear I will now have a lifetime of "Little Kit" pieces before me, which seems pretty narcissistic.

But as BSP says, the character's name is "Little Kit" and you can't change it now! And truth be told, I don't really think of her as me, so much as a little girl whose name happens to be the same as mine. ;)

Kit Lang


  1. Ouch...that will be there you might build up a callus overtime if you keep doing it. I saw that frame Monika uses. I think she did a post about it awhile ago. I love the wee elephant...he has a sweet face:)

  2. Kit, I love Emmy. She looks like such a sweet, gentle soul. It'll be fun to watch this piece develop over time! And death grip indeed! I'm so glad Monika has a simple solution for you. I don't use hoops, but if I did a floor stand makes great sense. Hope if helps to make stitching more comfortable for you.


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