News, WIP Wednesday (Placement), and *another* cock-up!

I'm of course, still working on this large-ish piece - currently 70 x 55 inches (190 x 139 cm  - finished size will likely be a bit smaller).

So I took some of my purpose painted fabrics, cut them out and laid them where I wanted them. 

I didn't get much farther than this because....

I just found out that "Remembrance Day" (revealed last week) and "Hiraeth" have been juried into a show called "Our Stories in Quilts" at The Brickhouse Art Gallery in Sacramento CA.

Of course, that meant I had to mount Remembrance Day.  So I started with these little corners...

and then applied them to the corners of my stretcher bars.

After tucking them in neatly,

... and covered the whole frame with fleece.

 And then set about mounting my piece.

You may remember that when I mounted Hiraeth last year, I had some difficulty with the size. I  had bought stretcher bars exactly the size of Hiraeth, and ended up having too much of the stretcher fabric (in other words, the fabric meant to be wrapped around the frame) showing.

Because of that, I measured this piece not twice or thrice, but FOUR times, settled the fleece-wrapped stretcher bars carefully on my piece so that it was equidistant on all sides, and



Wait, what...?


Three hours of work down the drain. I have to take it all apart again and get lengthwise stretcher bars an inch shorter.

Alas.  At least I can find comfort in the knowledge that a piece of my work (one of the birds) can be found in this issue of Cloth Paper Scissors (on stands now).

See you Friday!

Kit 120

Kit Lang


  1. Ouch! "Measure 4 times; staple once" doesn't always guarantee perfection, eh? But...the great news is the reason why you were stapling! :-)

  2. What a pain but he does look good on there, and a fantastic reason for having to do it. Congratulations.

  3. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....


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