A week-end's work

I'm starting with this even though it's kind of the middle thing I did, just 'cuz it's so pretty. 

So let's go through it.

1.  Top left hand corner, I was painting some clouds. They dried very quickly, so I moved on to the next thing -

2. quilting some background branches and trunks,

3.  there they are on the background (which also had some abstract ground work done)

4. (bottom left hand corner) Then, because I'm still in a birches kind of mood, I laid some down. You can see I had started the hand-stitching part;

5. I added some gray paint to the plain white one on the right, so you can see how I did it; and

6. The birch trees are done (you'll see I knocked back the background leaves a bit with some cream paint) and I also  stuck in a fence. More to come on this piece, later this week.

And the REASON I was doing that, was because...

My paints got a work out this weekend!

I was waiting for the paint to dry on this background (currently 31 x 39 - will finish at 28 x 36)...

(You can see the quilting here on the background [leaves for a leafy glade].)...

...and for these. Painted fabric for the leaves and roses that are going to go on this piece.

Phew! It was a bit of slog, but I'm glad I got all of this preparatory work done so now I can concentrate on the fun stuff!

And that was MY weekend. :)

Kit 120

Kit Lang


  1. I love watching your process (not to mention loving birch trees). Can't wait to see where this will lead...

  2. A very productive weekend! Fabrics are gorgeous. The colours are so rich.

  3. I think spring is coming early in your studio, Kit! What a great set of colours to start with.

    Birches always remind me of spring too. I'm almost ready for it!

  4. Love the perspective happening with the last birches photo.
    Sandy in the UK

  5. This is fun and colorful. Love seeing where it started and how it comes along.

  6. Beautiful set of colours and I like the addition of the birches.


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