WIP Wednesday for realz :)

I was a lazy girl the past couple of days and did absolutely nothing! lol

So I thought I'd catch you up on the lunchtime projects - above is the week before last's offering (Week 8) which has a spelling mistake so I'll either have to take out the stitching, or leave it as is - it's supposed to ephemera after all, and exhibit the flotsam and jetsam of life, so I'm kind of leaning towards leaving the spelling mistake.

And here is Week 9 - unfinished, which is good for a WIP Wednesday, except *ahem*, I'm meant to be working on Week 10 this week. So I guess I'd better hop to it!  (That, among other things, lol, because I've been chatting and having fun with my work chum instead of working too!)

I'll see on Friday with the links - I'm really looking forward to sharing them with you this week - some really interesting stuff! Are you enjoying my Friday links posts?

See you then!
Kit 120

Kit Lang


  1. You know, there are those who notice a misspelling and then there are those who notice na d HAVE to say something about it!! Just to let you know, I do like the links for Friday! and I like your work!!!!!

  2. Chatting is good! These are looking great!

  3. Misspelling is not a huge deal on such a lovely piece. Yes the Friday links are great


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