And the work continues...

Last week when I showed you my tree fabrics, Beth said that she is always interested to see the unlikely fabrics I use, turned into trees.  Above, is the gold/purple/pink/mustard floral on brown,  as you can see it turned out rather well. And then I used a striped fabric:

This is purple and burgundy striped fabric. 

As you can see by the back of my piece, I've been busy stitching my background trees down, as well as those pesky bricks. Observe:

Truth be told, I was a little bit doubtful myself that I could stitch those trees down, although I confidently told Chawne I was going to - I mean, those bricks are unbelievably tiny: some of them no more than 3 mm long! 

But it turns out I could - through 3 layers of cloth, a layer of acrylic felt, and two (rather thick) layers of acrylic paint. *blows on fingers*


See you Wednesday!

Kit 120

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Kit Lang