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So, I'm going about life, "la la la", planning this, that and the other thing, with a vague sense that I have deadlines looming, but not a REAL sense of exactly when.

I knew some were coming really soon and was already feeling a bit panicky about them, but had a gut feeling that there were perhaps some other shows coming up faster than I realized, so I decided to pull out the list of shows I ...
a: want to enter;
b: thought about entering; and
c: simply HAVE to enter.

in order to give myself some peace of mind.

Deadlines, details, planning, what, what?

And THAT's when my whole world came to a screeching halt.

They are as follows:
  1. International Quilt Festival: O Canada - missed that deadline. Oh well!
  2. Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum: Evolutions ///March 22, 2014
  3. MAC - Tale /// March 28, 2014
  4. Fibreworks 2014 /// March 31, 2014
  5. International Quilt Festival: Hands All Around /// April 11, 2014
  6. International Quilt Festival: Ruby Jubilee ///April 13, 2014
  7. World of Threads: April 22 
  8. Focus on Fiber /// May 1, 2014
  9. Quilt! Knit! Stitch! ///May 2, 2014
  10. Majestic Galleries 8th National Juried Competition and Show 2014 - May 14, 2014
  11. International Quilt Festival: A World Of Beauty /// May 29, 2014
  12. Fibre Content 2014 ///June 1, 2014
  13. International Quilt Festival: Home /// June 6, 2014
  14. International Quilt Festival: Festival Awareness /// June 6, 2014
  15. International Quilt Festival: Life Begins at 40 ///July 11, 2014
  16. Art Quilts XIX: Storytelling Art Quilts /// August 25, 2014
  17. 2015 Risjswijk Textile Biennial  /// August 31, 2014
  18. International Quilt Festival: Faces /// August 31, 2014
  19. Quilt National /// September 12, 2014
  20. Food For Thought  ///  September 30, 2014
  21. Extreme Fibers: Textile Icons and the New Edge  /// November 14, 2014
  22. Craft Forms: January 31, 2015
  23. Grand National: Connections  /// February 27, 2015 (thank gawds - I thought it was this year!)
  24. Sacred Threads: March 9, 2015


The ones marked in red are the ones that I either have to enter, or ones whose dates are coming up Right! Now!

The green ones are shows that are coming up soon, and the blue ones are ones I can afford to relax about a bit.

Now obviously, I never intended to enter every single one of these shows, and a couple of them, because of when the prospective shows are running, and what the theme is I can either a: enter work I've already made, or b: enter the same piece in two shows.


Numbers 6, 11, 16 and 19, all require purpose made, new work. That's FOUR new pieces over the next few months or several months that should all be large scale.

Numbers 2 and 3 I can use work I've already made (phew!)

Number 5, I really wanted to enter and already have an idea for a piece, but won't be able to because hi, World of Threads is due April 22 (!!) and it's like the Quilt National of Canada, so, even if I don't get in, I should at least TRY to get in since I won't have a chance again for another 2 years, and I need to make it new work because nothing I have currently made would have gotten in the last show and so very likely won't get in this one.

The one with the little cottage is the piece I was making for the Quilt! Knit! Stitch! show, but if it doesn't get done in time, I can enter it into either number 11 or 14.

I have the background done but no more for Quilt National, and my fabric painted and dyed for number 15, but that's it.

So... what I'm saying is - I'm going on a blog break. lol

I MAY do pop ins to show you a bit of what I'm up to, but I really expect to be working like a dog until the World of Threads piece is done (must! be! done! by April 22) so don't expect me around except for my Friday link posts.

I hope you understand, and I hope that you'll all have a productive month!


Kit Lang


  1. Ha ha, well bye for now Kit and good luck!

  2. I get it and wish you the best of success in whatever you do!

  3. it's official--you are insane ;)

  4. Do it! We can wait. This is more important. We will still be here when you get back.

    And yeah... what Arlee said. Lol

  5. Wow......I'm snowed under with just one deadline!!!

  6. I've seen quite a few posts about shows of various types, and will ask you the same thing I asked the others. How do you know about all of these shows? I guess being in the "stix" it's hard to learn of these, but also hard on the Internet. Good luck!!

  7. LOL. Good luck with all your entries! I'm on a blogging "break" now too, but I must say I'm finding it hard to stay away!

  8. Holy Batwoman Kit! I think you need to take a break from your day job too! I agree with Arlee too, but that's why we love you! Good luck pulling it all together!

  9. Boy that is a long list when you see written down but you can do it. Good luck:)

  10. I need to lie down after reading that list. Good luck.

  11. We simply can't to everything.......even though we keep trying. Good luck getting ready for the shows and I'll look forward to hearing about your progress when you have time to check in.

  12. Wow! You go right ahead and work, work, work! Your art is awesome and it is fun to see one's art hanging on display. Good luck to you! I look forward to the Peeps!


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