May 2, 2014

Week Links Post - 15

First up. Laurent Lavendar's moon photos. I'm pretty sure every one in the Western World has seen Laurent Lavendar's moon photos by now (lol); but there are some new ones!  You can check those out HERE

Also at This Colossal, I saw the COOLEST thing.  A 3-D PEN!!!  So, you can draw sculpture, or whatever else you want! Check out the video HERE and then you can click over to their Kickstarter campaign and fund them if you so choose. I personally think this needs to be in the world! :)
Over at Ancora Crafts, Catherine did a post of five tutorials she would like to try. Since I want to try 3 out of the 5 myself, I thought you might like to have a look. HERE
And finally, over at Textile Artist, they're interviewing Willy Schut. This was an especially interesting interview to me because the kind of work she does is what I've been thinking about the last couple of months.

I still want to do my narrative work (that children's book is still in my head!); but for my "real" work, I've been dreaming of something that's very much like what Willy Schut does - only with more colour.  Sort of Stephanie Redfern meets Deidre Adams.  (And the only reason I mention Stephanie Redfern is because when I sent my "secret" piece in for the call for entry, the person I submitted to acknowledged receipt and said "It reminds me of Stephanie Redfern" whom I immediately googled as I wasn't familiar with her work. Wonderful stuff! Quite a compliment, although I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing in terms of my submission.)
Anyway, after you're one clicking on Ms.'s Redfern and Adams links, check out the interview with Willy Schut HERE 

(Unrelated, I have a cousin named Willy. She was very cool, and I really looked up to her. :D)

Have a great weekend! Finished Skull piece on Monday! :)


Catherine said...

Thanks, Kit, for your link to my "five tutorials..." post! There's some fun stuff in there, so I'm glad you enjoyed it. Happy crafting!

Kit Lang said...

You're very welcome. Thanks for sussing them out for us!

Sandy said...

Thanks Kit, I must have been the only one who hadn't seen the moon photos, then. But I am glad you pointed me in that direction!
Sandy in the UK

Beth said...

Great links as usual. Loved the moon shots which I had never seen before. I liked Redfern who I didn't know and Adams who I do. Have a restful (if possible)weekend.

Karen Cummings said...

thanks Kit-I loved the moon shots!

Maggi said...

Great links Kit. I hadn't seen any of the moon photos before either. Thanks for introducing me to Willy Schut's work.

Kit Lang said...

You're very welcome. I'm glad!

Kit Lang said...

I guess not EVERYONE has seen them after all!

Jo Ferguson said...

I've never seen the moon photos before. The one you posted on your blog makes me think "what if?". Thanks for the links.

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