Yorick's Garden


Ta dah!!! 
So here's one small thing I can show you that I accomplished during my absence - a little mixed media piece called "Yorick's Garden".
Although it's impossible to tell (note to self, keep in mind for the future!) each petal of each flower is individually cut and put down, and then touched up with paint as well as machine stitch to give them more definition.
The skull was hand-stitched as you know, and as I look at it in this photo, I can see that it's going to need some fray guard or something like to stop the edges from unravelling.
But otherwise, done like dinner. And I'm pleased!
The beginnings of something new, tomorrow. :)

Kit Lang


  1. Wow, it looks great, Kit! You're right about the petals, but maybe that is partly because the photo flattens everything out. I think your time away has been well spent!

    He seems a little more Mexican than Danish to me, but, since today is Cinco de Mayo, that's probably exactly right!

  2. I love how it turned out. May I ask the significance of the title?

  3. Beautiful and very clever. I don't know where you get all your ideas!!!

  4. Wonderful! I love all the colours and the stitching.

  5. looks like a fun little ditty! i hope all your seeeeeeekrit work is going well too.

  6. Ah Yorick!! A beautiful title for the jester done up in sugar skull glee! LOVE this! You did a wonderful job and the title is so good!

  7. That is awesome!

  8. You should be pleased. Actually you should be "over the moon". It's an absolutely stunning piece of art.

  9. Kit...this is a fine piece! Love the combination of techniques melded together in pure harmony. My heart sings as I spend time just breathing in the visual here on the screen...imagining how much delight there is in seeing this work "live". So enjoyed following your process as you created this fine piece. Kristin

  10. Hi Kit... loving this piece and all of the work it involved. Have you thought of fusing your background with Misty Fuse all the way out to the edges before cutting it out or even applying M.F. after all of the hand or machine stitching is done. Then as you stitch or zigzag the edges, the M.F. will keep the edges from fraying. And it is flexible and easy to needle. Works for me... LOVE this piece.
    SAQA Central Co-Rep

    1. Hi Bethany, I actually DID use misty fuse to fuse the fabrics together, but this is one of the reasons why I prefer steam-a-seam to Misty Fuse. Misty Fuse doesn't work very well on anything except cotton. VERY annoying!

      Thanks for the tip though - and thanks for stopping by!

  11. I just love this piece.


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