Week Links Post 25

Picture from The Huffington Post

I meant to share this link with you quite awhile ago, and then lost track of it somehow. It's a bit out of date now, but still offers some great eye candy and an interesting perspective.  An article on quilts in the Huffington Post, here

George Lucas is planning to open a Museum of Narrative Art. The premise sounds very interesting. Would you go? Check that out here

More street art - this time, deliberately interactive, from Kelsey Montague, here

Over at This Colloassal, they're showing Mike Stilkey's new paintings on salvaged books, like so:


Because I always love looking at other artist's studios (Cezanne's is still my dream studio!); here's a link to HyperAllergic's peek into the studios of three artists. Check that out here

Sheila Frampton Cooper has a post up about her exhibit in Lauris, France. If you haven't seen her pictures on Facebook or elsewhere, my lord, drop everything and go look. Right NOW.  lol Her work is beautiful (of course),  but the juxtaposition of her very contemporary work in those caves?!? AMAZING.  I actually have those pics saved on my Evernote and I look at that over and over again. Aspirational. :) And and and, there's a video of her artist's talk!  Check all of that out here 

Also over at HyperAllergic, continuing with the Detroit Art story that I've posted about three or four times over the last several months, the latest is that the collection has been valued at just over 4 and 1/2 billion, but will likely sell for just between 1 and 2 billion (different articles I've read say different things), meaning that the city will STILL be bankrupt, so...  <sigh>  Anyway, check that out here

And a last minute entry: Monika Kinner-Whalen has a process post that's the next best thing to a tutorial here

Have a great weekend!!!!  :)

Kit Lang


  1. Whoa, that last minute entry! Blew my mind to see the finished stitcheries. wow.

  2. Boy! This was the best week of links yet. Sheila Frampton is GORGEOUS!! and she really hasn't been working in fiber very long. Makes me feel like a slacker (smile). The street art, the salvaged books and even the studio visits were great. I think I could only work in the totally crowded Columbus, OH studio space. I love being surrounded with STUFF!
    Thanks Kit!!

  3. Yikes, I'm a week behind so I'd better get reading. Thanks Kit.


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