Making Progress on ....

Ella, as it turns out. 

When I conceived this piece, my intent was to have foliage against this African evening sky, but after I'd fused down my tree and imagined the upcoming grasses and what not - I realized, that I couldn't resist adding something more friendly. 

All of sudden, this little piece is about Ella - my little elephant who shows up from time to time. I imagine that it's bedtime for little elephants - and Ella's mommy is just outside of frame, coming with some nice grasses for Ella to eat.

So here is the tree, just lightly outline quilted - but I wanted to bring the background forward more, so...

 I needed to quilt it more heavily.

Finished piece on Wednesday.  See you then?

Kit Lang


  1. Oh Ella!!. I love the colors of the African sky. See ya Wednesday, Ella!!

  2. Anonymous26.8.14

    love your little sewing supplies bag.. looking forward to Wednesday

    1. Thank you Marsha! It was actually made by Heike Gerbig. I've had it four or five years now, and I find it very handy. Usually it's around my neck where it's even handier! :)

  3. Beautiful colours. The baby elephant is a lovely addition.


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