And so it begins..

The madness that is (shhh!) CHRISTMAS. *ducks*

I know, I'm sorry - it's very early to be talking about Christmas, but the small pieces I made last year and sold before Christmas have been remembered, because I have had three inquiries already "When is your Christmas stock going to be ready?" - the first such inquiry was at the beginning of August! *shudder*

Although I didn't think of those small pieces that way at the time, they are of a size and price point that's perfect for gift-giving; and now that it's nearly October, I suppose I should get on with making them, right?


This year (like last) the small pieces I'll be making for Christmas stock are going to be "journeyman" pieces. I'm going to use them as ways to experiment with new techniques or to riff on things I already do.

Case in point, I'm working with Lutradur again, but...

...I'll be doing something different with it this time around. 

However, what's not different is using source material for my birds! 

In this case, a picture of "Lesser Goldfinches" from National Geographic. What makes them "lesser" I wonder? Poor goldfinches...stating out life with an inferiority complex (!) when they're perfectly lovely, and I'm sure quite respectable birds! *w*

And I've taken one of my "blue sky" backgrounds that I've had prepped and ready to go for more than year now (I made up 6 or 10 in total, can't quite remember - but I've only used two to date!) for my background. This was painted Pellon - a piece of already fused scrap I had around - for the same amount of time - leftover from when I made Angelique (two years ago!)

So, I shall paint these up, and show you the "big finish" on Wednesday! See you then?

Kit Lang


  1. Well Kit, it's beginning to feel decidedly autumnal here, so I suppose we can let you off! And I suppose, looking on the bright side, we can look forward to the days getting longer!

    Lovely birds and lovely background by the way.


  2. I use the term "lesser" to remind me which is which between American and Lesser Goldfinches. The lesser have black heads, and therefore less gold than the American Goldfinch with its bright yellow head. My "super" birder friends abbreviate them to Le-Go and Am-Go. I'm sure the birds are blissfully unaware!

  3. Ah, Kit, I understand completely about the Christmas rush...I make (generally knit) most of my gifts, and this year I've been commissioned to knit 3 pair of socks (children's, thank goodness!) and to provide 4-6 quilted "minis" for a new gift shop in town...Yes, it's already begun here, too. Hang in there -- your birds are beauties!

  4. You are so ahead of yourself!


So, apparently I'm open for business again. :) Say hi if you like!