Peach Surprise

Now that this one and "Courting" are mounted, I've noticed that these little backgrounds of painted papers are quite lovely, but having made them a couple of years ago, how they're put together is not up to my current standards.

Consequently, "Peach Surprise" and "Courting"will be offered at deep discounts when they go up for sale in November. ;) Nevertheless, I am quite pleased with them stylistically.

And, the thing I'm learning with these little ones - painting directly on lutradur? Welllllllll....

...though the effect is pleasing, I'm going to go back to my usual style of working.

Even though this kind of *looks* like my style, it somehow doesn't "feel" like me, you know what I mean? Seriously, do you? lol

And I think it's the lack of a billion little fabric feathers! My "style" usually involves lots of detail and texture - this is sort of the opposite. Smooooootttthhhhhhhhhh. *heh*  I'm not a "smooth" kind of woman, I guess. :D

And you may be wondering what the surprise is here? 

Well, it's simply that after I'd done the peaches, branches, bird and leaves, I felt some blossoms were necessary.

I added white blossoms with these little dots of red and yellow, because I felt they looked good with the peaches and branches - a white blossom was just exactly what was needed. But whatever these little blossoms are, they're certainly not peach blossoms


(I believe that's called "artistic license". :D )

See you on Wednesday, with the beginnings of something new.

Kit Lang


  1. Are we going back to teeny tiny feathers? If we are I will try not to sneeze while you're cutting them out. You are very hard on yourself. The little painted bird is gorgeous. H xx

  2. Peach surprise sounds like a yummy dessert!! I actually like the painted backgrounds but I am not viewing it in person and you are. Love the little bird. Glad I am back (for now) and catching up on your posts!!


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