WIP Wednesday...

Some of you may remember that just prior to our move in May, I was working on a long, skinny piece, that had started its life as failed long, skinny piece that I was going to hand stitch. It didn't work out, and I had left it languishing. I was looking for something "fast" to finish before I had to pack up my studio, but apparently, it wasn't fast enough, because I didn't get 'er done!

So last week, I thought I'd drag it out and finish it.

Since you saw it last, I added some lungs. But I reallllly wasn't feeling them, even though I stitched them down after this pic was taken. 

So I took out all the stitches, repaired the holes left behind with black and navy paint (and filled in that piece right under the lungs); and then decided to make some new lungs. 

First, using double sided fusible I fused to a scrap of green and drew a rough outline of where I was going to be cutting on the lungs.

Then I fused the other side to the actual lung material (in this case, hand-painted paper)...

And when I pulled them off the backing paper: ta da! :)

More on this later!

Kit Lang


  1. Very Interesting. I can't wait to see where this is going!!

  2. Very clever lungs!

  3. Great to see your development and solution to the problem.

  4. Glad that you've gone back to this one, I like it.


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