About that background...

Yesterday, Erin posted a comment saying that the background didn't seem like my style.

So I thought I'd post a "behind the scenes". The collector had asked for "something like your birch trees", particularly liking "Winter Birches" and "Winter Birches with Bird"


I sent him some quick mock ups of birches on backgrounds (done out of paper, collage style)

(unfortunately, I didn't save a completed one - so this is just one of my own experiments.)

However, the collector wanted a background he described as pinky, purply, or maybe green.

So I sent him pictures of samples painted on tiny canvases (5 x 7")

And then mock ups on the samples:

He eventually chose a *really* pink background.  (You can see the original sample on the top right and the painted full-sized background on the left).

However, once I started laying it out, I plead with the collector to tone down the background. I just didn't like it!


And so the final pic I showed you yesterday, was our compromise. (As was the evergreen - I really didn't want to put it in there!)

And that's how we ended up with "Winter Song". :)


Kit Lang

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  1. It's, Kit! And I agree with you on the pink. I too have a fascination with birches and I've used a pinkish background but with other graduated colors which looked. I know what you mean about the fir tree too.
    I've taken lots of photos of birch stands though and often see baby firs amongst them so I get it.


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