Water color on fabric

Ever since I worked with "fugitive media" when I was a contributor for awhile to And Then We Set It On Fire a few years back, I have been very interested in the possibilities of using water color on fabric.
I took an intermediate class in water colors on Saturday (I took the beginners class in November), and this was the main piece I worked on, using Aquarelles crayons, Winsor & Newton water colour sticks and the Cotman Watercolours pan (that BSP bought me a couple of weeks ago).
I'm pretty pleased with it! Much will be done to it in the future with stitch, and possibly beading, and once I put it on stretcher bars, I expect it will straighten out; but I have to put it away for now in order to concentrate on my commissions, which I have been doing since Monday night. :)
This piece of fabric was hand dyed and then enhanced with Aquarelles (the pencils, not the crayons) back in 2011.

And this one, called "Erosion" also completed in 2011, which was done with watercolor paint on fabric.  (I suggest you click on this one so you can see it full size)
I'm taking another class in watercolour at the end of May and looking forward to seeing what I can do!

Kit Lang


  1. omg, so so beautiful! i can see wearing this art form! ooooooo, watercolor bellbottoms!!

  2. lol! I don't know about bellbottoms for me Tara, but maybe a skirt or a dress. :)


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