New Blog Coming!

Soooooo. You may or may not have noticed that things have been a bit wonky with my blog over the last week.

It's because I had a brilliant idea. :0)

So, about this time last week, late at night, puttering in my studio after having finished a painting, it occurred to me that my blog name should more properly be Kit Lang Art, rather than Kit Lang Fiber Art.

Fiber art worked when I made the switch from quilting to making art quilts, to making textile paintings - and it continued to work as I dabbled in beading and embroidery.

But since last fall, I've had this idea - a new direction in my work, and really, when it is gathered together with my paper work and everything else I do, I decided that Kit Lang Art would cover not only this most recent direction, but any new ones that arrive in the future.

So, last week, late a night, I went to my blog settings, and changed my blog name to

And I woke up the next morning to find I had completely disappeared from the internet as if the last 8 years had never happened.

Not only were my regular blog followers unable to find my blog (it said it was gone!), all of my pictures on the internet linked back to nothingness. I was totally freaking out!

So the first thing I did was move all of my bloglovin followers over to the "new"(old) blog called Kit Lang Art, and then tried to figure out how to re-direct eight years of pictures and posts to the new blog.  Finally, I threw myself on the mercy of Blogger, and they said "We can't do anything about it. But we can change your name back to Kit Lang Fiber Art".

I of course leapt on that with many joyous virtual hugs of relief, but then realized that my Bloglovin Followers as well as the people I'd sent e-mails to were now happily going to

And since that was the result I wanted in the first place - I decided to keep the new blog.

So yay! New blog. :)

I'll post in both places until September 1st, and after that - I'll be moving over to Kit Lang Art permanently.

I'll look forward to seeing you there!

Kit Lang

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  1. Your new blog "title" is so appropriate...the artist, imho, needs not be fenced in to one arena of expression...the new title allows for more expansive expression of your thoughts and is a very good move.


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