World Watercolor Month, Day 16

Why so serious?

Tonight, as I was trying to figure out what to paint for today's watercolor, I realized that in my pursuit of getting "better", I was losing me.

So, I decided that just for tonight, I would make something that made my heart happy - not worry about whether it was "good", or an "improvement", or whether I was learning something - so I painted that crappy background, acknowledged it was crappy, and kept on going. Then I just let go, and painted that totally adorable elephant, and then I painted the balloon.

And I lost the plot. lol I worked and worked and worked and overworked that balloon, for literally hours (including the time for the layers to dry) and at one point I sat back and realized that was the best I was going to get without totally destroying the paper, which is when I realized that I'd completely forgotten what the point of the evening was.

So I have a really cute elephant as a result of just letting go; and a balloon that is so HEAVY that poor little elephant would fall out of the sky as a result. lol

P.S. - this was my inspiration photo:
(which I found on one of those wallpaper sites) :)

Kit Lang

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  1. the background is not crappy - not fantastic, but supports the wonderfully fun elephant floating along with a balloon.. truly a happy spirit painting...


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