World Watercolor Month - Day 17 & 18

The paper I used for this painting is twice as large as what I've been using all month, so it took me twice as long! :) 

If I seem to be a bit obsessed by foxes at the moment, I am. lol Of course, this one is more like the baby of a fox and cat, which may explain why current obsession given my love of cats!
It's interesting - I read this article by a watercolor artist (I've read so many lately, I can't remember who it was) - and he said that you should spend 50% of your time on your drawing: that your painting will never get better than your drawing. This makes sense to me (if you're the type of watercolourist who draws first, which I am).
And as if to prove him right; I had a really difficult time drawing the face on this fox - getting it at just the right angle, with his face snugged up into the corner of the tree was beyond my current abilities.
Eventually, I gave up on all of my scratching and erasing - I was seriously afraid to damage the paper. And sure enough, when I painted it - the painting was worse than the drawing. Alas.
So I have a kitty-fox tucked up in a tree. :)

Kit Lang

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  1. ooh, the richness of the colors in this...lovely. And the little fox, sure does have a bit of the "kitten" showing


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