World Watercolor Month Day 8 and 9

Soooooo, yesterday was quite a day (bygones!) and I couldn't paint. So I did days eight and nine today. 

On the Facebook page for World Watercolor Month, someone said the other day that newbies like me needed to put their big girl panties on try a portrait. You know me - always up for trying anything (after all, like my fiber work, it's just fiber and paint, not brain surgery, and I'm not afraid to make mistakes or show them to you) so I decided to try one today. 

Obviously, I royally screwed up the hand on the right - I tried to fix it, but the paper kept pilling, so I guess it's toast and unfixable; but otherwise, for a first try I'm pretty chuffed with it. 

The bunny, "Day 8" (although technically also Day 9), was me trying to figure out how the medium works again. I saw somewhere (YouTube perhaps?); that if you "draw" the outline first with water and then apply a really wet paint, it will follow the water line. And it DID.  lol 

It was kind of a cool thing to watch, but I'm not sure what the application for that might be. (It will probably become clear at some point in the future). His proportions are off (or maybe he's just a very FAT bunny), and his smile is lopsided, but I think he's pretty cute just the same. 

So, a good Day 9. 

See you tomorrow!

Kit Lang

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  1. Doing portraits, I believe, is quite a challenge and especially in water color...for a first attempt, quite good. Now the bunny, really brings a the fatness and great smile.


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