July 30, 2010 4 comments

Friday Flickr Faves, Jul 30 10

And don't forget about the giveaway!

1. Blue for a fan (of blue) - Dedicate to Chris, 2. Double-blue door, 3. cuzco, 4. Blue door
July 28, 2010 19 comments

Rhythm Remix - Giveaway!

You may remember a month or so ago, I did a sneek peek of Rhythm (the last art quilt in my 3 Creative Studios challenge), and that when I actually did the reveal, it looked, uh...  somewhat different

Well, I had to do something with that piece, so I mentioned that I intended to turn it into a tote bag - and here it is.

I also decided that when I did finish it, I would make it my long overdue gift for the giveway I'd planned to celebrate having 100 followers.  I now have 113 followers, so I'm it's time I got on that, isn't it!  :)

Anyway - the giveaway will be on Wednesday. 

I know, I know, there's writing on the side of the bag *le gasp*.  It's the selvedge, and I included it because I thought it was totally hilarious that they mis-spelled "finest". (It's a rather spendy wool/cashmere blend fabric from Italy - the mis-spelling gives you pause when considering how "fine" the fabric might be, doesn't it?)

However, if you like the bag despite or because of it's wonkiness, comment between now and midnight next Tuesday, and let me know that you're a follower, and I'll use the random generator thingy to draw a name and let you know who the winner is a week from today. 
That's it!

See you Friday.

P.S. I also have a new post up at Coneflowers In Leslieville

July 26, 2010 26 comments

Changes at Diva Quilts and "Little Boy Blue"

So, those of you who are regular readers of my blog will notice that I have a new look to the blog.  It's not just 'cause I wanted something different, but because I'm going to be using this blog somewhat differently from now on.

"Little Boy Blue" a quilt for my youngest son's 17th birthday  - which is not until next March, but I came across these fabrics earlier this year, and knew they were meant for him.

When I re-designed my blog the last time, it was in pursuit of Serious. Business. My plan was to open a store (last year I bought and registered the business name, "Diva Quilts",  bought and registered the site name DivaQuilts.com, and got the business end all set up to go) and then stuff happened that put those plans on hold.  But the then-new site look was to be reflective of  my new goals for myself as a quilter; and the dark background and sleek set-up were part of how I wanted the brand "Diva Quilts" to be viewed, so I left them up as a sort of precursor of what was yet to come.
July 23, 2010 3 comments

Friday Flickr Faves, Jul 22 2010

1. Let there be light, 2. Light from Heaven, 3. If there is light in the soul ..., 4. Light gives itself freely !

The other day, I was doing a Flickr search for "green" for a project I'm developing (or thinking of developing) (although, given the titles, you'd think I was looking for "light") and in doing so, I came across some wondrous images of trees. 

Looking at them makes me feel at peace and at one with the earth and its people.

Here's hoping for some of that for you this weekend. Have a good one,

July 21, 2010 4 comments

WIP Wednesday

Wait, what? 

Well, it IS a WIP, even if it's not quilt related.  :)  I wanted to show off my exciting new purchases, not only  a Judy (whose name is Jezebel) but a new back-up sewing machine:

Please say hello to Miss L'Rae.  (I don't know why she wants to be called that either, but I'm afraid.  lol)

Anyway - I got her on Saturday and so far, she's sewed a saucy red linen dress and the beginnings of a coat with no problems.  She runs very smoothly, but is of course not nearly as strong as Pinky (my Juki). 

I did try sewing a binding on "Orange You Glad" and she didn't seem to mind it, but that's not her purpose.  She's for sewing clothes and occasional piecing, and to serve as the aforementioned back up should things go badly wrong with Pinky (which I don't expect).

In the meantime, work continues apace on my new fall coat

And there are going to be some changes to my blog - what I post and what the blog will look like, even how I post - coming soon.  New directions mean new blogging too, apparently.  :)

Talk soon,

July 19, 2010 9 comments

Orange You Glad I Did?

My friend Crystal was talking on her blog the other day about quilting without obligation - in other words, just quilting what you want, when you want - as the spirit moves you.. Although I fully subscribe to the idea - sadly, I am not of that ilk.
July 16, 2010 1 comments

Friday Flickr Faves

From inspiration to...?

What was the inspiration and where did it take the artist? From paint to fabric to photography to paint to fabric to paint...it isn't that it's all derivative, it's that it's all thought and inspiration, and - art. And an artist - any artist - can look at these pieces individual or as whole and come up with... more art.
July 14, 2010 0 comments

WIP Wednesday

Wednesday already? How did THAT happen?

I actually don't have anything prepared for WIP Wednesday this week. Last night was the board meeting of Toronto Modern Quilt Guild (of which I am president) and there are exciting things afoot!! I was completely wrapped up in that, and haven't actually done any work for WIP Wednesday that you haven't already seen.

However, when casting about for something to post this morning, I came across this little box of stuff.

Once more - a box of badly pre-cut shapes to a pattern that I can't remember anymore. 

So, now, what will this become?

Stay tuned....
July 12, 2010 2 comments

Trying something new, for example:

....we'll see.  It may be too literal...
July 9, 2010 2 comments

Friday Flickr Faves, Jul 9 10

1. Lights and shadows, 2. lights in Bellagio lobby, 3. i paint the light, 4. Blue lights

A flickr search for the word "light" resulted in tens of thousands of ideas.  Here are just four of the dozens that caught my imagination ....

(P.S.  I just LOVE the way this looks!)
July 7, 2010 4 comments

WIP Wednesday - Unnamed as yet

This one is so much in the WIP process, that even the design is going to change a bit.  And though I have a couple of ideas for the quilting, I haven't made up my mind yet - who knows what may occur to me.

Sadly, I think I've settled on a really labour intensive method of quilting.  Dang! Any fun ideas for quiting out there in blog land?

See you Friday!
July 5, 2010 2 comments

Double Helix on the Downbeat

This is the third quilt in my challenge series from 3 Creative Studios   Our challenge word this time was "Rhythm".

I started out with a different, but simliar iteration of this quilt when we first got the word “rhythm”. I knew I wanted to convey all the rhythms in the world – music and drums and dance and movement and the pull of gravity, tides in the sea… so I initially sketched out three panels encompassing these ideas and excitedly went about making them.
I began with the same woman I have depicted here, only in purples and golds on iridsescent blacks dotted with “stars”, and I was pleased;  and began to pull fabrics for the other three panels - but then stumbled upon how to incoporate these three disparate panels together.

I fussed about it for weeks, stalled in my process, and time running out, finally decided to start with the ”earth in rhythm” panel – and hope that the process of "how" would reveal itself in the making. 

The "earth in rhythm" panel was initially much bigger than this smaller earth in the final product, and as you can see, for some reason I felt the earth’s rhythm had to be depicted in fire-y oranges and bright and calming blues.

And then, as I was constructing my large, rhythmic earth, I had my “aha” moment. My dancer was drawing energy from the earth itself.

And so I had my ” rhythm”. Which I call “Double Helix on the Downbeat”.

July 2, 2010 1 comments

Friday Flickr Faves, July 2, 2010

1. 7 cans, 2. Accident waiting to happen, 3. abandoned house, vernonia oregon, 4. Shack-HDR

Do you see it?  Do you see the amazing texture and colour - how it would fit together, the fabrics and how they would lay against one another - the construction, the quilting?

It made me gasp.