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Week Links Post No. 23

Street Art by Martin Ron Murales. picture courtesy of Bon Expose

Bon Expose has a great feature about one of my favourite things: Street Art. You can check that out here

And hey, speaking of street art, Web Urbanist did some leg work for me, and found out that Google has been collecting it for all of us. Take a look at that here

Over at The Fader, they've done an interview with textile artist Eric N'Mack. His work is not typical. Find that interview, here

If you live in Melborne, Florida, you should check out the latest exhibit at the Foosaner Art Museum. The exhibit, entitled "Infinite Mirror: Images of American Identity.”  runs through Aug. 17, and "expresses the struggles of a diverse population coming together as one. " Read about that here

The Journal out of the UK has an article about textile artist Donna Cheshire (makes really NEAT stuff) here

Beautiful Decay has an online exhibit of photographer Jason DeMarte's photography combining Cheetos, bacon, and landscapes to make rather compelling art (No really!) that offers effective social critique about our consumption and what it does to the environment. (At least, that's my interpretation. The artist says otherwise. lol)   here

The Business Standard out of India, has an article on a quilting book, notable, I think, for the subtext about a woman's "place" in the world (not in it) and it's patronizing tone; but that just may be feminist reading of the article. Anyway, a pretty picture accompanies it, and you may wish to read the book find the article  - here 

The Gadsey Times has an article and call for entry about the "Stitching Across Alabama" exhibit at the Gadsen Museum (with a rather breathtaking example of a traditional quilt) which you may be interested in here

And only extremely tenuously fibre related, here is a collection of vintage Halloween Costumes to scare the crap out of you ('cuz you know I like to do that every once in a while). Find that (if you dare!) here

And that's all she wrote! Sorry that the links are a bit less than, shall we say substantive, or edifying this week, but it's been a busy one both at home and at  dayjorb.

Have a great weekend and see you Monday!

June 25, 2014 18 comments


We're FINALLY going to get to work in my new studio, so I thought I'd show you the "before".

Off to the right (where you can't see) is another large window that's also a door, and you know where that goes? Out onto a back deck!

It's amazing to have such a bright space after being in the basement for the last 6 years; but if you think it's bright now, it's going to be blinding after it's all painted bright white. :) That window in the top left area is going to hold the "office" space, and there's going to be other new, purpose-driven furniture, as well as some replacements of some broken dressers (the movers were NOT gentle with our things.)

Over on that wall by the stairs, there'll be a design wall, art on the other walls, books on shelves... it's gonna be good, no?

I'm really excited. :)

See you on Friday with the Week Links Post,  and next week, back to our regular posting from Atelier Kit!

June 20, 2014 3 comments

Week Link Post No.22

Landscape - Ana Teresa Barboza
I know I have featured work by fiber artist Ana Teresa Barboza here before, but she's done it again. This Colossal has alerted via their post here

Over at Beautiful Decay, they have a post about performance artist, Deborah de Robertis, reinacting Gustav Courbet's painting "The Origin of The World". It is of course, not safe for work, and I do suggest you watch the video. Not for any salacious reasons (there's nothing to see, anyway); but because what's interesting about this performance piece is the reaction of the people who see her. Which is of course, at least one of the reasons she does it. Quite edifying...that's here

The Huffington Post has the "definitive guide" to reading a piece of abstract art. Check that out, here.

Here's Bill Drummond's Ten Commandments of Art. Sure, why not!? Check it out here.

At Beautiful Decay again, the bieautiful paper sculptures of Allen and Patty Eckman. Check that out here

© Terry Vital. Windham, NH. 1st Place / Others.

Winners of the iPhone Photography Awards Contest have been announced. You can find that here

NPR has an article called "Stitch This" - three books about quilting. Read that here

PolicyMic has a post entitled "14 Incredible Works that Have Re-Defined Art In the 21st Century". Now there's a title that'll grab your attention! Check that out here

And that's all she wrote. :)



June 13, 2014 4 comments

Week Links Post - 21

But Does It Float has a post about Batjorge (found at Deviant Art) who makes evocative art and photographs it on the coast of Britain. Gorgeous and varied things. Have a look at them here
  • Textile Artist.org has an interview with Faig Ahmed. I LOVE  his work! You can check that out here
  • Over at the Huffington Post, the Arts & Culture column has an article about chalk art that they breathlessly state will melt your MIND. I don't know if would say THAT, but they're pretty awesome. Have a look here
  • Beautiful Decay has a feature about Annastassia Eliaswho creates incredible worlds inside toilet paper rolls. Yup, you read that right. Check that out here
  • Mashable has a VERY interesting point of view about when street art meets vandalism. (Something I often ponder myself as see my neighbour's buildings being "decorated" with street art.) I mean, when, exactly, does it become "art", and who determines that? I think about the story of the gentlemen whose wall Banksy painted on, and he had the wall CUT OUT OF HIS BUILDING and sold it. Which totally defeats the purpose of what Banksy does. But is my neighbour, who's freshly painted garage with trellis and ivy that's been (let's face it),  vandalised in the last week going to do the same thing? Anyway - that article is here
  • Related, the California Aggie has an article entitled "What is Art?" - in which they ask random people they encounter the eponymous question. Some answers may surprise you. :) Check that out here
  • This past week, I've read several posts from bloggers as well as on the (SAQA and QuiltArt list) who are contemplating the question of signatures. I myself have had my framer tell me that I should only sign on the back, others say on the front, some say signature are passé and that "no one signs anything anymore!". Here's an article from Gurney Journey that offers a "definitive" how to sign your artwork! Read that here
John Hopper over at The Textile Blog has a lovely article about how we creative are, well, creating, a world for everyone to enjoy. You can read that here

Photo from The Boston Globe
  • The Boston Globe has an article about street art in Brazil ahead of the World Cup. Really beautiful images! You can find out about that here
  • Artlog has pictures of an immensely (!) cool installation done in the Garment District entitled “The Sentinels”  done by artist ChakaiaBooker   . Have a look at those pictures here
  • And last but not least, I continue to watch old episodes of PBS’s series “Craft In America”. This one, entitled “Crossroads” has the following description:

 How do borders and personal crossroads affect an artist? How do science and craft interact? How do other cultures influence American style and technique? This episode explores the intersections of craft, culture, and technology. Featured artists include Tanya Aguiñiga, Lia Cook, Clary Illian, Warren MacKenzie, and Jeff Oestreich.

Like all of them, it’s a good one! I especially enjoyed fiber artist Lia Cook, although in another life, I would have loved to have been a ceramist had it turned out I had any talent or skill! Enjoy - here

Photo from Yahoo Shine
  • This is a lovely story from Yahoo Shine about a high-school girl who painted her dress for Prom. It’s really pretty (she did a great job!); and the article is well-written and positive.  You can read about that here
  • The Las Vegas Review offers insight into how to frame art. You may wish to have a look at that here
  • The Advocate out of Baton Rouge has an article about fiber artist Lucy Landry and her unusual treatment of the medium, here
  • The Guelph Mercury has an article about a show I really struggled with applying to. I wanted to support their cause but it seemed like such a HUGE donation (the work you submitted would be auctioned off and the proceeds donated to the cause). In addition, I've posted numerous articles that illuminate how I feel about donating art (it devalues the art, it rarely, if ever provides "exposure" of the kind they promise,  and collectors look at it as a great way to get artists' work at deep discounts - none of which is good for you personally, or for artists as a whole); however, the show at the Waterloo Museum was a great success.  You can read about it here

June 6, 2014 3 comments

Week Links Post - 20

Art by Faith47, picture from This Colossal

More street art! This time in London and  Cape Town from Faith47.  Read more about it at This Colossal, here

Over at Hyperallergic, there's a post about Artists Still Not Getting Paid - interesting reading...! Find that here

Also at Hyperallergic, there's a post about getting your art career on track and some webinars you can take to forward it. The first one's free. Check it out, here

Various Artists - Picture from This Colossal

Did you know that the Sketchbook Project has a Pen-Pal Painting Exchange? They do! This Colossal has a story about it here

Over at Muddy Waters Art Collective, there's an interesting post on committing to your art. I found it helpful, perhaps you will too! Read that here

And Art News.com has an article about the "Changing Complex Profile of Black Abstract Painters".  I didn't know we had our own "movement" (nor did I know that we're apparently sectioned off into a group by ourselves instead of being included with all abstract painters, but there's lots I don't know. *harrumph*). Anyway, the article is interesting and introduced me to artists I didn't know about. Read about that here


Fiber Art In The News!

The QC Times has an article about "Innovators & Legends" and  "Local Threads" exhibits at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, Iowa,  through September 7, 2014

Mary Bero - "Stuffed Head"

The Westpost Chronicle has an article about the Shattuck Gallery’s show called “ Paint Pattern Print Texture: Exploring the Blurred Lines between Textile and Paint”,  an exhibition of five artists examining the shared language of painting and textile work. The exhibit runs from June 4th through June 29th.   HERE

The Westin Morning News has an article about a nurse-turned-textile artist named Jackie Gale, HERE

The Times Beacon Record has an article about "80 Quilts Around The World", a show opening at the Suffolk County Community College in New Jersey. You can read about that here

The Lansing City Pulse out of Lansing, MI, has an article highlighting, among others, two SAQA shows at Michigan State University, entitled  Color Wheel of Emotions” and “Mapping Memories: Michigan”. You can read about that here

International Fiber Art News!

The Hindu out of India, has an article about a show entitled "Quilted To Perfection" about an exhibit of Kantha Quilts presented by the Crafts Council of India. The Quilts of India exhibition is on view at Lalit Kala Akademi, Greams Road, from June 11-14, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. You can read about that here

June 3, 2014 2 comments

Friday Week Links Post - 19 (on a Tuesday? lol)


(Sorry, I didn't know it hadn't automatically posted!)

Vinz has another street art “show” up called, fittingly enough, Tempus Fugit. Photo courtesy of The Wooster Collective. You can see more photos, and the post, HERE

The City of Sydney is doing something really beautiful. I don't even want to give it away, but go and have a look at it at This Colossal, HERE

Scholars and Rogues has done an  “unsolicited” review of the Quilts and Color exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The author doesn’t seem to have encountered quilts as an art form before and is pleased and rather surprised that they qualify. Yay fiber art!  You can read that review HERE

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has made nearly 400,000 high-resolution pictures of iconic works available for download to use as reference, inspiration, or even art for your home! You can find that HERE


There's an article in The Washington Post about the success of the "Degenerate Art" show on now at Neue Gallerie in New York. Apparently, the titillation of it's being labelled that way has made the show quite successful. The author wonders however, if any or all of it is actually good art, and if it would have a place in history without being so named. Have a look HERE

Fiber Art In the News!

Mandela: 3 of Pairing Knives (Swords) by Susan Shie (with permission of the artist)

The Columbus Dispatch out of Columbus, Ohio, has an article about the 2014 Quilt Surface Design Symposium, although the author annoying refers to the work as "craft". (Grrrrr!)  However, if you're in the area, you can see the show through June 8, and it's sure to be a good one!

The Headlight Herald out of Tillamook, Oregon, has an article about the Latimer Quilt and Fiber Festival (at the Lattimer Quilt and Textile Museum) with guest, Helene Knott, who makes beautiful (large) landscape art quilts. You can read about that HERE