October 27, 2014 7 comments

No heart for art

Some of you may know of recent events here in Canada.

On Wednesday, October 23, 2014, Canada was victimized by its first terrorism attack**. Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, a reservist from Hamilton, Ontario was killed. *

On Monday, October 21, 2014, there was another attack, but it is not yet known whether this was related to Wednesday’s attack, or what the motive was.  Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent was killed in that attack.


These attacks were devastating to many of us, not more so, of course, to Cpl. Cirillo and Patrice Vincent’s families, but even today, as I type this, I find myself crying again.

Rosie O’Donnell said, in part: “…I’m an American. I live here. I see two people shot this week in Canada and the entire country of Canada is in mourning. However, in America this happens on a daily basis and we don’t even pay attention anymore.”

To Ms. O’Donnell, I say, that may be true; but our tragedy is still a tragedy, and we still have every right to mourn.

I myself am still reeling, feeling over-sensitive and yes, frightened. I’m not frightened by further attacks on us, but how this will and has already changed who we are. 

This news story has a feel-good ending, but many other stories of attacks on Muslim people and property do not.

And our Prime Minister has taken this tragedy and used it as a way to further his agenda of militarizing Canada and pushing a right-wing agenda of inhibiting our freedoms and demonizing Muslims.

All of this has had a demoralizing and depressing affect on me, and consequently, I have no heart for art.
I'll leave you with Prime Minister hopeful, Justin Trudeau's words, here

Hopefully, we’ll talk soon.




* should you be moved to participate, there is a fund-raising effort here for Cpl. Cirillo's and Patrice Vincent's families, through the True Patriot Love Foundation.

**Of course, our Native population would say that there have been terrorist attacks on Canadian soil for over 100 years, and they are right.
October 22, 2014 4 comments

Sunset Fields

All done!

October 17, 2014 4 comments

Week Links Post 32

It's the return of The Week Links Post (and the crowd goes wild...) ;) I really just haven't had time to read blogs (at ALL) since early September, but here are some that I had a peek at recently and that I thought you'd like.


Photo by Axel Tafener

First up, some eye candy! You may have heard about Tom Fruin and his proposed stained glass house installation - well it's finally up, at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge.  Pretty!

Speaking of eye candy, there's a group show (Ky Anderson, Meg Lipke and Vicki Sher) called "Paper Giants" at Proto Gallery in Hoboken. The Curating Contemporary Art Blog has kindly provided us with many, beautiful photos for those of who cannot attend in person. I find these works very affecting, even through just photos. Find them here

Over at the Great God Pan Is Dead, artist Robert Boyd has "discovered" (much like Columbus discovered America) fiber art and quilts. He has provided some beautiful examples and offers interesting (and amusing) commentary and theories as to how some of them were created. (I don't mean that in a mean way. It's rather sweet if you look past the condescension.) You can find that  Here

My favourite subject: is "street art" art? Huffington Post asks the question in the light of recent events in Detroit. Artists were commissioned there to combat urban blight by painting murals on building and fences, but the police didn't get the memo... check that out here

More on street art here - this article talks street art as personal expression, but also touches on why I am so fond of it - not only for the beauty of it, but because street art is so often, also social commentary. It can really give insight into the pulse of a local culture, and even, sometimes, a country.

Speaking of social commentary - this isn't really art (?); but Elana Adler has reclaimed her body, body image and personhood, by embroidering catcalls she's received here There's another woman who is embroidering mean comments people leave on her blog, she calls it "adorabalizing the hate" here

An art project you can take up this winter, if you have access to a: snow, and b: wide open spaces - inspiration here

Here's an article from CNN about Iris Halmshaw, a five year old autistic girl, who seems to be shaping up to be quite a fine painter in the manner of the Impressionists. She's already selling for more than I do! ;)  Read about Ms. Halmshaw here, and watch a video of her at work here

A 40,000 year-old rock stencil and associated cave paintings in Indonesia have proven that humans have been painting for a LOT longer than we had previously known. Having painters, artisans and crafters amongst your people indicates wealth - if you're scrabbling to survive, you don't have time to make pretty things, only utilitarian things - indicating that in this early modern human group at least, they had wealth and appreciation for art. (Which doesn't always go hand and hand in modern times!) Anyway, read the article and watch the video that here.

FRANKENFURRIES. That's all I'm saying. here

Feeling a little stressed? These childhood art techniques can relieve it!

And that's it!

Have a great weekend!

October 14, 2014 2 comments


Sooo... when I left you last, I had assumed I'd have this done for you, but, well...it was a holiday here, see... (lol) I understand in the US it was as well.  So, because it was a holiday, I took a few days off in the studio too.  I thought perhaps I could get this done tonight, but I was wrong. Oops!

Here you can see I've finished the machine stitching and have done one stalk of hand-stitching. And here...
October 10, 2014 4 comments

Problem solving

So, not having had time to go and buy new Steam-A-Seam II (there's no place close to me that has it), I had to come up with an alternative solution. I had some bits of already fused fabric in black - mostly wool which would have been unsuitable - but I did find some heavy weight black satin that I had fused with Misty Fuse (boo hiss!).
October 7, 2014 1 comments

A little bump in the road...

So I had painted up some lutradur in broad strokes, 

...begun the work of burning out some shadows...

... making progress... and then ERRRRRR! Slam on the breaks. I was using my very favourite fusible, Steam A Seam II, except, except, I had picked up a few metres of it the last time I was visiting family in the small-ish city in which they live, and didn't realize until I'd done all this work, that I had purchased the failed, crappy version of Steam A Seam II that has the crappy, impossible to remove release paper, rather than the re-released Steam A Seam II (the one with the blue parchment paper if you're wondering) and so I had to bin this work, plus the 3 metres of it that I had purchased. 

It was supposed to go on this. Which of course, now it won't. <SIGH!!!!!>

Here, have a picture of a sleepy studio cat instead. :)

October 5, 2014 16 comments

Winter Birches with Bird

Anddddddd.... done!

I haven't been able to get the lighting quite right in my new studio (it will come with time!) so I haven't been able to take really stellar photos yet. But perhaps you can see that now that it's done, that ...  
October 3, 2014 10 comments

Making progress...

So, remember on Wednesday, when I said I'd forgotten what this background was for? I really didn't, I just didn't want to say it was for birch trees, because that's all I've got. *heh*  Anyway, I started with...
October 2, 2014 5 comments

I keep forgetting to tell you,

I'm in the September/October issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine. Please pick it up - it's a great magazine - and I'd say that even if I weren't in it. :)


October 1, 2014 3 comments

Three little backgrounds...

These are all cotton muslin backgrounds, treated with gesso, and then painted with acrylic paints. This top one will be about...?  Something to do with a sunset, perhaps. ;)

This next one...