July 31, 2013 2 comments

Details large and small for a WIP Wednesday...

A portion of the new handwork project....

July 29, 2013 5 comments

What Lies Beneath

I began this piece at the beginning of July, when my heart and emotions were a swirling maelstrom – brought on by the onslaught of damaging, derogatory messages to women that kept coming and coming and coming.

July 26, 2013 2 comments

What's goin' on...

I present a selection of what I am concurrently working on:

Okay, I'm not working on the fox, but we saw a couple last weekend when we were playing golf and I thought you'd enjoy seeing one. :)

Have a great weekend!

Kit 120
July 25, 2013 14 comments

What is art?

Yesterday, I added a post-script to my original post, answering a question I am often asked "What is 'art' to you?" because I am often blathering in my posts along the lines of "this is art" and "this isn't art, it's just  'pretty'."

                                                                          "Fern No. 3" (c) 2012 Kit Lang

In talking with Deidre Adams on Facebook yesterday (one of my very favourite artists, actually, so you really ought to check out her work) I realized that my original definition of "art" as it applies to me, was actually fairly unclear, and also, might have inadvertently been insulting to some of you. And if you found it so, I apologize!

"Walking While Black" (c) 2012 Kit Lang

So, to be perfectly clear, when I am talking about "what art is" - I'm not addressing that in a large-scale, KIT'S DEFINITION OF ART APPLIES TO EVERYONE" way.  I'm always, only talking about it in the context of my own work.  So:

When I make "art" I am trying to convey something or evoke a response.

"Lake of Dreams - Quartet" (c) 2012 Kit Lang

If I have no intention in the creation of the piece, then I feel emotionally separated from it, and I find no pleasure or "art" in it. I may be making something "pretty", but to me, it is bereft of meaning.

"In Dreams" (c) 2012 Kit Lang

To find happiness in my own work, I need to find meaning, which sometimes is there when I begin the work, sometimes develops in the acts of creation, and sometimes travels with me the whole way through, only to slip away as I near the end.
"Written On The Body" (c) 2012 Kit Lang

"Meaning" is often transient in my work, but will sometimes reappear through some odd alchemy that I can't control.

"Incendiary: Marie-Joseph Angelique" (c) 2012 Kit Lang

All I know is, if I can't find the meaning in my work, then it doesn't feel like "art".

Kit 120
July 24, 2013 11 comments

Winging Away, No. 1

When I posted a pic of the wheels on Monday, someone said they were curious about what my inspiration was for this little piece.  Well, here 'tis! :)

I have been feeling de-motivated and pressured at the same time – an odd combination I admit; but I have a number of upcoming due dates: pieces promised for a number of shows, pieces needed for my Group of Eight Challenges, as well as pieces for a show and sale I've committed to next summer. I know that Summer 2014 seems a long way away, but I have to fill an entire space with my "real"* work as well as "portable property" as a I call it – small pieces at inclusive price points.

July 22, 2013 7 comments

Nearly there...

A few more details, and then, the quilting!

Kit 120

July 19, 2013 4 comments

Little bits of a beginning...

Starting with a sketch...
July 17, 2013 3 comments

Planning a little something...

Have I mentioned that I`m going to be participating in a show with Group of Eight at the end of August-into-September

So, I`m trying to get some new work done!  
July 15, 2013 9 comments

Seeds of change...

Thought I'd give you an update on the "lunchtime" project.  Doing lots of seed stitching...

And been playing a little game of snakes and ladders...

And x's and o's. 

But oh, so much more to come....!
Kit 120
July 12, 2013 10 comments

Back to working on the "big piece"

Doing a little "hand work" of a different kind... I'm back to working the boy.  But I am struggling with motivation.

As I've been making this piece, I realized two things:  one: that's it's a self-indulgent bit of work with little value, and two: that it's going to be "pretty" and not "art".  I find these two realizations very de-motivational. It makes me want to roll it up (pick up my toys!) and go home. lol

July 10, 2013 8 comments

Making progress...

When I posted this pic on Facebook a week and a half ago, people were intrigued -and wanted to know whether this was soluble, or tissue paper, or....?

In fact, it's tracing paper. I have always used it to test out quilting/stitching patterns on my art pieces, but now I find it's even better when I'm hand stitching, as I can actually draw the hand stitches I inted to use and see how they'll look.  I can then erase, make adjustments and changes, and have a pattern I can take with me as I travel back and forth - which means I can chat with my co-workers at lunch while stitching, or watch t.v. and not have to "think" about what I'm doing. 

And speaking of stitching... it's begun!  Check out the beginning...
July 8, 2013 3 comments

A new lunchtime project...


This one is about appearances, and our striving for surface "perfection"...

Kit 120
July 5, 2013 4 comments

Fixer uppers...

Today we're problem solving. :)  First we're going to fix the quilting problem from the other day, and THEN we're going to fix another little problem I encountered on my lunch-time project this week.
July 3, 2013 5 comments

Wednesday Witterings...

Quilting has begun...
July 1, 2013 10 comments

In the photo studio...

I've been trying to decide whether to tell you where we're going! I always like to show you bits and pieces as I do them, and have the "big reveal" at the end where you see all the thing whole.

But in this case, I think it's pretty evident where we're going... so this is what's on my design wall cum photo studio.